This is the story about how I replaced my long time scooter with the best electric skateboard and saved a lot of money by doing so. Just a little disclaimer that this may not work for everyone but I thought I’d share how I made the switch from scooter to electric skateboard.

I have been commuting using a scooter since I was in High School. It’s always been the cheapest form of transport for my needs. Not only has it been the cheapest but It’s also been the most efficient form of transport in comparison to others such as public transport or a car.

Well, that is until I came across  an incredible invention called an electric skateboard. So I went out and bought the most expensive and the best electric skateboard I could find. I thought It would just be a hobby at first but as I stepped on the electric skateboard for the first time and went on my first ride, I was sold.

I was able to weave through traffic and maneuver around the streets of my town in much quicker time than my scooter. I also didn’t have to worry about finding a parking like I do with my scooter. The best electric skateboard is portable so I can take it into the office with me.

I also don’t have to worry about paying for gas as the electric skateboard works on a battery. So when I get to work I can charge up my electric skateboard for my ride home. Even though the battery will last me my commute to work and back with one charge and still have left over for more.

I only have to commute a short distance to work in and around the city so I would not recommend the electric skateboard for longer distances. I also wouldn’t recommend using it on main roads and highways as it is much better suited for inner city and urban use.


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