Comparison: Jazz & Regular Cool Guitar Picks

For a beginner guitar player it can be very confusing to know which cool guitar pick to start using when you want to start learning the guitar. Most beginner guitar players start out with using a regular cool guitar pick shape and then move on or stick to the same cool guitar picks.

I will explain the main differences between the Jazz and the regular guitar picks to give those wanting to learn the guitar for the first time some insight into making an educated choice with regards to jazz or regular cool guitar picks. 

Jazz Cool Guitar Picks

The jazz cool guitar picks are smaller than the regular shape guitar picks. Guitar players are then able to hold and grip the cool guitar pick as far down as possible to get as close as possible to the guitar string so that accuracy and the speed at which you play can be drastically improved and increased.

Using the jazz guitar picks lets players play with finesse and is most certainly ideal for the guitar players wanting to pluck single notes or play lines of notes which is also known as lead guitar.

For this reason alone the jazz guitar picks are not ideal for the beginner guitar player to learn with.

Regular cool guitar picks

The shape of a regular cool guitar pick is much larger to that of the Jazz guitar guitar pick. This means there is a lot more space for the beginner guitar player to hold onto and makes for easier guitar playing. Many guitar players use these regular cool guitar pick shapes to play lead guitar as well as rhythm guitar.


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